About us...

logo ext cyan1000 - KTAR - acoustic experience

Our Logo, Our Origin

A distinguishing feature is the headstock, whose profile is a tribute to local history and Gothic architecture: a tribute to Venice, as well as to Far Eastern elements. The logo, on the other hand, is square and modern, and we propose its manufacture in different possible materials.

KTAR logo 2 - KTAR - acoustic experience

Our Story

We come from mechanical design and we live on music. K·TAR represents a path of reflection and research, an experiment. Inspired by the origins of the ancient six-stringed tar instrument, we have studied the sound and construction details, optimizing the assembly and automation steps, and adding innovation thanks to our technological background.

how we work:

Wood and Metal

The perfect match of mechanical design with Italian lutherie tradition for accurate and long lasting products.

Tradition and Innovation

K·TAR is a product with an artisan soul, refined by the innovative technological contribution of a curious and close-knit team. All our guitars are entirely made in Italy, in the province of Treviso.

Tools and Technology

The use of latest generation technologies with centesimal precision allows us to design and build tools that can support all stages of production, minimizing repositioning errors, so we are able to ensure a high standard of accuracy, and an absolutely repeatable assembling system.