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Precious Woods

European and exotic woods, combined with Red Spruce of the Alps, give our instruments acoustic properties at the highest levels.

EU series


ktar web 69 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience


ktar web 118 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience


ktar web 117 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience

EX series


ktar web 1 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience


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ktar web 70 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience

XX series


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ktar web 120 scaled 1 - KTAR - acoustic experience


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solid wood

As per lutherie tradition, we only work solid wood in all parts of the instrument, bindings and rosette included. The quality of the solid wood we select, available in many local and exotic types, is immediately evident in the aesthetic and tone features of K• guitars.

tone wood

The soundboard has a bracing structure in Spruce tone wood coming from the Italian Eastern Alps. Thanks to the thin soil in which the plant grows, this wood has unique properties and specific peculiarities of resonance, and luthiers carved instruments from it for hundreds of years. The dense vein guarantees a better vibration, which is the distinctiveness of our acoustic guitars. Furthermore, it is a timber destined for low production volumes of small local businesses. A programmed felling, in a determined number of allowable annual cuts, lets regrowth and reforestation in the sites of collection.

fsc cites - KTAR - acoustic experience

Principles, tradition and modern technologies come together in our philosophy. For a distinctive sound, we find the best wood, harvested with environmentally responsible means. K·TAR guitars are made entirely with FSC certified material,coming from forests where good management systems meet rigorous ecological, social and economic standards. Moreover, we respect the CITES legislation of reference, also guaranteed by our suppliers.