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Key to Precision

Passion and experience in the field of mechanical design allow us to propose a new high-performance, durable system with top-level technical features. Each component is designed and manufactured with accurate geometric and dimensional tolerances: the result of advanced research and development. Thanks to dedicated industrial processes, we assemble extremely precise gears with total absence of backlash.
All components are made of stainless steel, designed to maintain functionality, performance and durability. We select anti-wear coatings, typical of the racing sector, to guarantee endurance and quality. We simulate use cycles to verify fatigue life, and we test the tuner shaft with one million rotations. K·TAR machine heads have a life 20 times longer than normal commercial products. Watch the video!
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Minimal & Functional

Every manufacturing step, every little detail, every coupling and tolerance were rigorously designed and tested, seeking extreme precision, all in a hi-tech design of great value. The original shape of the screw distinguishes a product characterized by essential lines, design and functionality. Our models are available for acoustic guitars, 12-string, electric guitars and ukulele. A special tuner series dedicated to mandolins will be soon available.

K·TAR tuners are available in three different models. The use of an innovative fixing system allows accurate positioning of the string shaft inside the housing hole on the guitar headstock, in total absence of backlash or interference. The wooden knob has a blind square hole for a stable joint of the rotation pin. These features ensure better precision while tuning, optimal rotation of the string shaft in all conditions, as well as a long-lasting guitar tuning.

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Forever in Tune

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K· housing is made in a single piece through precision mechanical machining on 5-axis machines. In fact, the piece is not made by moulding or casting, as tuners manufacturers usually do. The components thus obtained are solid, compact and perfectly fitting on the guitar headstock. The use of lightweight and high-performance materials, such as aluminium and titanium, guarantees a reduced weight compared to normal commercial products. The resulting advantages are an excellent weight balance of the instrument, and an even and balanced distribution of the sound throughout the guitar neck.

K·TAR machine heads withstand extreme cycles over time without showing wear, as a proof that they are built in compliance with the highest manufacture and quality standards.

Instrument tuning:

– Maximum reliability
– Stability guaranteed over time
– Ease and precision

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Guaranteed Quality

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gear ratio

weight 1 pc
weight 6 pcs


6082 alloy

AISI 303
pvd coating

aisi 303


≃19 gr
≃114 gr



aisi 303
pvd coating

aisi 303


≃21 gr
≃126 gr